25 April 2011

The End of One Journey. . .

Trouble is a part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.
~ Dinah Shore

Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!  He is truly risen!  Alleluia!

Well, dear readers, I did it.  I made it through forty [almost] days of macrobiotic eating.  In the home stretch I fell off the wagon.  Make that I fell off, got my foot caught in the reins and was dragged kicking and screaming into the Easter Triduum.  But I made it!  And I have to say, I've grown quite fond of brown rice and I shall continue to eat as macro as much as I can [with an occasional loaf of rosemary olive oil bread thrown in here and there] as well as avoiding eating out [the other thing I gave up] unless out with friends.

So why haven't you heard from me in over a month?

No one treads more lightly in revealing personal items then a writer or a lyricist.  Sometimes it helps to connect with the reader/listener.  Other times it gets in the way of the message.  In this instance, est quid est.

My father, God bless him, is eighty-seven.  Once the strongest man in the world, he inches across the floor with a cane.  More than once, his legs have just given up and he winds up bruised.  My mother is much younger than he is and does her best to take care of him and hold down a full time job.  I spend as many weekends with them as I can, but each time I leave, I wonder if it will be last time I see him.

Every phone call from home stops my heart.  Every unanswered ring fills me with agony.  I am consumed with Death, yet am a coward when it comes to talking about the practical matters that must be settled before the inevitable happens.

They say worrying doesn't add one year to your life; in truth, I think it subtracts them.  It certainly takes over conscious and unconscious thought and that does not always leave room for coming up with upbeat and artsy topics or essays. However, since writing is therapeutic for me, I will try to weave the two together, especially since May is Blog-Every-Day Month.

In the meantime, I hope you will understand if sometimes there is radio silence.  Some suffering just can't be expressed in black and white.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

P.S. Prayers for my family are always appreciated!