14 December 2005

Del Amado

I am my beloved's and my Beloved is mine.
~ Canticle 2:16

Today is the Feast of Saint John of the Cross, by far one of my favorite saints. His biography is incredible and his poetry breathtaking. Read the full text of The Spiritual Canticle.

Where have you hidden,
Beloved, and left me moaning?
You fled like the stag
after wounding me;
I went out calling you, but you were gone.

Shepherds, you who go
up through the sheepfolds to the hill,
if by chance you see
him I love most,
tell him I am sick, I suffer, and I die.

Return, dove,
the wounded stag
is in sight on the hill,
cooled by the breeze of your flight.

Happy Feast Day!

Oremus pro invicem,
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