18 January 2012

2012 Goals: Mid-Month Check In

Goals are dreams with deadlines. 
~ Diana Scharf Hunt

Eighteen days into my goal setting extravaganza; time to check in!  How am I doing?

Writing – Blogposts
Five posts in January so far; that’s at least two blogposts a week ~  so far so good!  I am so glad I gave myself this goal; it is forcing me to write and let go instead of keeping my writing under lock and key.  The written word is like a child; it needs to get out and make some mistakes or it will never mature.

Writing – Letters
I said 2 weeks and it’s been about 2½.  But I did mail one letter yesterday and am in the process of replying to two more and writing another two after that. 

Writing – Submitting
Ok, I admit it.  This one I forgot about, but the month isn’t over yet!  I still have time! 
I did compose a new poem, so before the month is out, I need to submit [or another one] and let the words fall where they may!

Writing - Journaling
I’ve simply flown on this one.  I have journaled almost every day since the start of the month.  It was a rough start ~ being sick makes doing anything seem impossible, including lifting a pen.  But now I’m on a roll.  The strange thing?  I’ve found myself typing all my journal entries because my fingers can keep up with my rapid-fire thoughts and I don’t lose anything.  Writing it long-hand, I lose track of the thought or the emotion I want to capture.  My next lesson will be to not beat myself up for typing instead of the more romantic long-hand. I do still hand write my letters, so there is that.

Personal Growth/Giving Back Goals
Perhaps I should have broken my goals down by month. As in, focus on writing goals in January, personal goals in February, etc.  I say this now because the other two main goals (Personal Growth and Giving Back) have fallen by the way side.  And by that I mean that I haven’t even looked at them in the last 3 weeks.  Go me.  Ah well.  I can start tonight!

Not bad for the first couple of weeks!

How about you?  How are you doing with your 2012 Goals/Resolutions?

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

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