09 January 2012

You're Invited to Abbey's 54th Poetry Party!

Poetry is what gets lost in translation. 
~ Robert Frost

Christine over at Abbey of the Arts is hosting her 54th Poetry Party!  This party’s inspiration: the bare trees of winter. We are invited to write a poem and then post the image below (with a link back to Abbey of the Arts) and an invitation on our blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter.

Invite your friends to the party!

My contribution to the party:

The Naked Tree

Alone and forgotten
She stands straight.
Each gust of wind bends her back -
Bends but doesn’t break.
She stretches her limbs
Up, up
Toward the pale sun
And touches his warmth
In a fleeting embrace.
As the days wane
And the nights trace
Her outline by the moonglow,
She is transparent,
Vulnerable –
Stripped naked.
Still, none can see
The hope of spring
Deep, deep
In her hibernating heart.

Oremus pro invicem,

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