20 February 2013

La Belle's Hobby Farm: Know When to Fold 'Em

Sometimes even music cannot substitute for tears.
~ Paul Simon

nd sometimes, words cannot be found to describe the pain.

When this year began, I told myself it could only go up from here.  Famous last words.  I really need to stop saying such things ~ Murphy and Karma seem to team up when I do, pulling the rug out from under me with a gleeful and sadistic gleam in their eyes.

Which is a long way of saying, sorry I haven’t written lately.  My family life is taking a beating right now, and as always when that happens, my creative well goes dry and soaks up every tear that falls.  Meanwhile, I curl up inside my head with a good book, or my imagination, and escape from conflict and confrontation.  Someone else’s drama is always more enjoyable then your own.  Throw in a few werewolves, mages, vampires, and magic, and I can stay in my little world for quite some time.

So pardon the silence. 
But have no fear.
Once the storm is over,
A new crop of stories will appear.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
When life gets overwhelming, what do you do to ease the pain?  Talk it out? Ignore it. Get angry? Or do you just retreat and read?

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