03 February 2006

Femininity & Mantillas

"...on earth, the veil is a symbol of the metaphysical. It is likewise the symbol of womanhood, and all great forms of woman's life show her as a figure veiled. This makes it clear why the greatest mysteries of Christianity entered the world of creation not through the man, but by way of the woman. . . .In keeping with the veil motif, the unpretentious is pre-eminently proper to woman, which means all that belongs to the domain of love, of goodness, of compassion, everything that to do with care and protection, the hidden, the betrayed things of the earth. . . .The withdrawal of the veil, like the veil itself, is deeply symbolic. . . .To unveil her means to destroy her mystery."
~ Gertrude von le Fort, The Eternal Woman

At the end of noon Mass today, before the traditional blessing of the throats in honor of St. Blasé, the priest thanked all the ladies who were wearing mantillas, a beautiful outward sign of the gift of their femininity and hoped that many more would follow their example.

It was an awesome (and rare) thing for a priest to say ~ even in this diocese. Although yours truly was a tad embarrassed as I could not see if any other ladies were wearing mantillas, I was happy and grateful that it was said.

And no, Fathers S and W ~ I was not wearing the big acre mantilla that only comes out on Good Friday. ;o)

Have a blessed weekend!

Oremus pro invicem,
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