07 March 2007

How Can I Keep from Singing?

It's the way we sing that makes 'em dream.
~ Ed Kowalczyk

s some of my readers know, I sing in a church choir made up primarily of professional singers. Sometimes I forget to tell people what our upcoming “playlist” is and some of you have expressed an interest in knowing ahead of time so that you can plan to be with us at Saint John’s in McLean. A few weeks ago, we sang Arvo Pärt’s Beatitudes and I did not let people know in time to arrange their schedules. So I am going to begin posting our upcoming pieces and dates.

Last week, we sang the Missa de Angelis, which in itself is a beautiful and traditional Mass setting. In addition, however, we sang Tallis’ O Nata Lux and Gluck’s De Profundis ~ which has become a personal favorite of mine. It is dark and melancholic and breath-taking. Those deep notes really do something to the soul!

March 11, 2007 – 12 Noon
Missa ~ Claudio Monteverdi
Motets ~ Exaudi Deus, O. di Lasso and Miserere Dei, A. Lotti

I am so blessed and humbled to be working with such gifted people. Thank you, Dah-vid! :-)

Oremus pro invicem,
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