25 March 2007

A River of Fado

Music is the river that runs through my veins…
~ Mikaela D’Deigh

riday night was absolutely incredible. A few friends and I went to hear Mariza at the Kennedy Center. For those who are not yet devotees of this incredible music, Mariza is one of Portugal’s top fadistas and after hearing her perform Friday night, I understand why.

Dulce Pontes’ renditions of fado were my first introduction to this hauntingly sad style of music. And she is still my favorite. But Mariza’s style is every bit as mesmerizing ~ it calls out to something deep in your soul and practically rips it out and you are completely entregado, given over to it.

She sang for a full an hour and a half, we gave her four standing ovations and her encore lasted longer than any encore I have ever heard, but I wanted her to keep singing. One of the pieces she sang as an encore was Summertime and I have never heard it sung with such passion and beauty. And it was the perfect song to for her sing: her interpretation of it illustrated the similarity between fado and American blues. I only wish I could have a recording of her performance of it. It was breath-taking.

So now you are kicking yourself and wishing you had been there Friday night. Not to worry! Dulce Pontes will be performing in May in Maryland. Maybe we will see each other there ~ I will be the one listening and not breathing until the last note dies away. ;-)

Oremus pro invicem,

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