13 April 2012

Top Five Friday: The Taxman Cometh!

People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes
to a government that can't live within its income. 
~ Robert Half

hh! It’s almost that special time in Spring that we all look forward to with such anticipation: Tax Day!  I am woefully behind this year in getting my taxes filed.  I swore up and down that it would be different this year, but I was earlier last year!  My accountant just rolled her eyes when I asked to come in tomorrow. 

On top of that, I misplaced my W2.

Paper organization is not one of my strengths.  But hey, a person can’t be beautiful, a great cook, musically gifted, AND organized!  It just wouldn’t be fair! 

So what does such a person do two days before the deadline?

Come up with five fun things to do INSTEAD of getting your taxes done, of course!  Hopefully it will ease the pain when the Taxman cometh.  Enjoy!

Go for a Hike
I recommend deep into the forest or high on a mountain.  Then you really won’t remember any of your boring chores.  Taxes? What taxes?

Have Spikes Pushed Under Your Nails
Well, maybe that is a bit extreme.  How about a pedicure instead?  It’s the next best thing to the spikes.  Do this preferably with your best gal pals.  I went to a spa in a tiny podunk town in Pennsylvania, and they served margaritas to us while we had our footsies scrubbed, massaged and polished. Heaven!

Read a Book
Especially since it’s Library Week.  Even better, take your book with you to read while you get your pedicure.  Brilliant!

Watch the Grass Grow
What?  You would rather do your taxes?  L-a-m-e!

Throw a Cocktail Party
Even more than a hike, if this is executed correctly, it will really make you forget taxes.  And everything else.  Plus, you can save your friends from their taxation woes.

And all done with perfectly manicure feet, a well-read mind, and on beautiful green grass.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What would you rather do than work on your taxes?
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