18 March 2013

Head Over to the Photo Party!

Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear
that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer. 
~ Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

aturday some seeds finally went in to the ground, thanks to my friend Megers ~ with a little help from the feet of her daughters!  And then, today it snows!

Thank goodness the seeds are lettuce and kale ~ they should be fine.

And yet, even with the snow, spring is definitely on the way: peepers are out in full force, singing their little hearts out for a mate, the bulbs are crawling all over the place, some with blooms already, and Abbey of the Arts is hosting another Photo Party! Details from Christine V. Paintner below.

Welcome to the Abbey Photo Party!

Christine selects a theme and invites you to respond with images.

"Springtime begins in the northern hemisphere on Wednesday, the time of great flowering on the earth offering hope of new possibilities emerging.

This week, go on a photo pilgrimage, holding the start of springtime in your heart, and notice what images are shimmering in the world around you.

(For my southern hemisphere friends, you are welcome to also share images of the arrival of autumn, or the ways you see signs of spring even in the midst of the season of letting go)

You can share images you already have which illuminate the theme, but I encourage you also to go for a walk with the theme in mind and see what you discover.

New stray who is the spitting image of Flops (d. 12/12)
© 2013 Mikaela D’Eigh
 You are also welcome to post photos of any other art you create inspired by the theme.  See what stirs your imagination!"

How to participate:
1. Go to the Flickr Group Christine has created. You need a free Flickr account first (go to the Flickr home page and click "Sign up now.")  When you go to the link it will ask you to join the group first before posting.  Share up to five of your images in response to the theme.

2. Leave a comment below her blog post to let us know you have joined the party and what your Flickr profile name is (you must include this to be entered into the prize drawing).

3. Please post the invitation on your blog or Facebook page and encourage others to come join the party!

On Friday, March 22nd – Christine will draw a name at random from those who participate and the winner will receive a space in one of her upcoming online class Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Contemplative Practice (April 28-June 15, 2013) and a copy of her new book which the class accompanies.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

If you participate, share links to your blog here and on Christine’s page!

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