16 May 2014

The Nest: More Care and Feeding for Depressed Friends

It’s easy to minimize a person’s hurt without understanding the nature of pain. People often like to categorize how much a person should or shouldn’t hurt about things. For example, when someone is upset about something, they say, “At least you’re not paralyzed, or starving in Africa.” While it’s imperative to be grateful for what we have, I think people often mistaken the nature of pain, when they ‘categorize’ in this way. The criteria for how much something hurts is not dependent on the thing itself.
~ Yasmin Mogahed

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.  Join me in blogging to erase the stigma of mental illness so our loved ones can seek the help they need.

etting go of an idea ~ no matter how good it was, or might still be ~ is really okay when it’s not working for you anymore.

Oh, so you noticed no more Top Fives on Friday, have you?

Well, it began as a post idea from some blog challenge many challenges ago that was supposed to be the “easy” post.  You know ~ in case you suffer from blogger’s block, just throw a top five list together and voila!  So I picked Five, because that was substantial without being crazy and posted them on Fridays because I like alliteration.

But pretty soon my arch nemesis, Perfectionism, reared her head and suddenly, making lists became the toughest post to write.  Because I didn’t want to send you to sites I hadn’t actually visited ~ at least once.  Or recommend books I hadn’t read.  I wanted to add value to your life, not fluff.

And sometimes, when you suffer from depression (or any other mental or emotional illness), the amount of energy it takes to do that just isn’t there.

The Nest
As I was brainstorming what to talk about today, I did have some great ideas for future posts, though.  Why is my brain like that?!  Argh!

But since today is generally a kind of laid back, weekend is almost here kind of day, I try to save the not so serious posts for Friday.

Okay, fine.  This is actually an excuse for me to cruise Pinterest for hours on end and finish my beta reading project.  As well as that new Elizabeth Hunter book.

But you’ll love this anyway:
Image credit: Pinterest/robot-hugs.com
See?  How cute is that?! 

Aaannnd, it perfectly illustrates another aspect of care and feeding of friends with depression that I mentioned last week.  Sometimes, you just need to build us a nest.  And sometimes, you just need to curl up in there with us.

No need for grand gestures of support.  Just be creative. 

Build an old fashioned table fort with sheets like you did when you were a kid.
Get out your sleeping bags and have a movie night/slumber party.
Clear your to do list for a day and stay in your PJs all day.
Have breakfast in bed.
Buy a hammock and fill it with pillows and soft blankets and rest under the trees.

You'll comfort us (even if we don't show it) and you'll recharge your care-giver batteries too.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What kind of “nest” would you build?  What kind of “nest” would you want built for you?

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