13 June 2012

La Belle's Hobby Farm: Tilling vs. Mulching

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made
while learning to see things from the plant's point of view. 
~ H. Fred Dale

ill this garden ever get planted!?  Last weekend I tried to find a reasonably priced used rototiller.  Raised beds were a nightmare of the past, and  I decided I would just use the land I do have and tear it up.

Everything I had read said this was unnecessary.

But I am impatient. You might not think so since it is now mid-June and my 48 tomato plants are wilting and struggling in their tiny nursery beds.  Oh yeah.  I can’t WAIT to write my lessons learned post at the end of this growing season!  It will be a lesson in humility!  Meanwhile, I made a discovery last Friday.

Landscape dudes rototill. 

photo courtesy of Sergejs Nescereckis

Glory be!  Why didn’t I think of this miracle before now?!  Forget the used rototiller (there weren’t any) or a new rototiller (you want how much?!).  I can now have my land rototilled and I don’t have to actually do the work.  I’m sure seeing a 5’2” woman chasing after a runaway rototiller would have made for some great YouTube moments.  However, I am sure it is much better this way!

So I called one of the several I interviewed and he’s all set to come out on Saturday and tear up the land so my wee babies have a permanent home.  It’s in a great sunny spot and veggies have been planted there before and grown successfully ~ many moons ago.

Then another wrench was thrown into the works. But a good one!

I think.

A girlfriend of mine who is also into nature and gardening sent me this link.  Whether one agrees with Paul Gautschi's spirituality or faith or not, he does makes some really good points about observing how nature works and using those same principles in gardening.  His way of gardening certainly seems more sustainable and eco-friendly.

So now I’m wondering: do I call the rototiller dude and cancel the tilling and ask him to bring me a truckload of find compost/wood chips/organic material??

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

I need your help on this one: to rototill or to mulch ~ that is the question!
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