20 June 2012

La Belle's Hobby Farm: The Tommy Toes Are In!!

Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it. 
~ Author Unknown

should write a book about my hobby farm experience.  I would call it: “How NOT to Hobby Farm” and it would be the Dave Barry version of gardening. My landscape dude did not come as planned on Saturday.  The carburetor on his rototiller was leaking.

I didn’t even know rototillers had carburetors! 

Nor did I know that landscape dudes don’t check their equipment until the day they are supposed to be working; no, make that the hour they were supposed to be already unloading said rototiller and munching up my soil.


That roar is understated.  I was not understated when I called up Landscape Dude #2 with the sexy Australian accent (what? I failed to mention that before. My bad.  Yes, very sexy accent.) I practically cried on the phone.

I think I scared him.  He didn’t even return my call.  No sexy Aussie to till my land.


In their real bed at last!!
Meanwhile, in tiny nursery beds, my tommy toes were wilting.  So against all conventional  wisdom and my own better judgment, I dumped out three bags of organic mushroom compost and planted the majority of them in the old flower bed, behind the basil plants (which as still going strong!), and in front of the mulberry weed.  This little patch has very rich soil and gets sun, but not eight hours of it, and it’s in part shade, thanks to said mulberry weed. 
At least they are in the ground, and not lost to the tiny plastic bins that were quickly becoming their caskets.

All I can do now is water them in the morning and in the evening and pray to St. Isidore, the patron of farmers, for a harvest.

This coming weekend, I look for a spot for the cucs and the watermelon.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

Want to take bets on whether these guys make it through the Virginia summer and actually produce tomatoes?

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