02 November 2012

Top Five Friday: Anywhere But Here

Try to relax and enjoy the crisis.
~ Ashleigh Brilliant


ear Ashleigh must never have produced an art festival while simultaneously holding down a second full time job, finding a new place to live, and keeping the quill from going dry.  Not to mention singing a rather complicated (yet soul-stirring) Requiem Mass tonight.
No wonder I’m an exhausted wreck!
And since I also signed up to blog every day in November, I’ll take a cue from today’s prompt and tell you five places I would rather be right now than orchestrating my crazy life.

Me during the month of November.
Ophelia, Alexandre Cabanel

In the Mountains
Preferably alone.  In a well-appointed cabin.  With a staff of three: a vegan chef, and massage therapist, and a maid.  Who of course are all good at leaving me alone.

Under Anesthesia
Yes.  Seriously the best sleep I’ve ever had.  Not counting the time I had all four wisdom teeth pulled and was on pain meds and Jack Daniels.

Just kidding. That wasn’t fun and I didn’t sleep much.  Plus, I think I was knee deep in festival goo that year too.  Ugh.

On the Titanic
At least it would be over in two and half hours.  And no, not with Leonardo D.  Not my type. 
Are we sensing a pattern here?  Anywhere but here?
In an Elizabeth Hunter novel

I know, second time I’ve mentioned her this week.  I can’t help it.  She has ruined me for other vampire novels.  An Italian vampire?  Yep, I could use one of those right about now!
Okay, so this one is probably what the prompters had in mind: an actual country.  Never been and desperately want to go.  What’s not to love: men in kilts, rainy moors, and lots of single malt scotch.  My idea of paradise. 

Actually, anywhere as far away from my own personal crazy land as I could get right now would be ideal.  Tesoro mio ~ wake me when November ends.

And hand me another scotch.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
So what’s on your never never land list?  Care to share your sweet escapes?
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