03 April 2013

La Belle's Hobby Farm: Affirming the Artist and the Gardener

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.  ~ Pablo Picasso

here is nothing exciting going on at the hobby farm right now.  I still haven’t planted my “Start Indoors” seeds yet, although I do have the little organic pots, the organic starter compost and the seeds.  Just need to find the time! 

Silly nine-to-five, two-hour commute time-sucker job.

But then, that’s what makes this a “hobby” farm, oui?  So here are some pictures of what’s growing around the yard:

Paperwhites - darn!  Forgot to move the bulbs this winter!

Rosemary going strong!

Lilac buds; hoping my prune job this winter helped!

Daffodils are bustin' out all over!

In other news, my maternal roommate has been “encouraging” me to give it all up: my arts work, the farm idea.  And why is she doing this?

Too stressful.”

“Too much money.”

“You need to think about saving for your retirement.”

“I just can’t picture you as a field hand sweating in the sun.”

Oh, I don’t know.  Call me crazy, but I think some things are worth doing, even if they cause us a little pain and discomfort; especially if they bring us more joy than pain.  And honestly, if some project isn’t causing me a little bit of pull and tug here and there, then I’m going to lose interest in it and go on to something else. 

But to hear this kind of “I’m just pointing out the flaws to help you” encouragement on a weekly basis can be wearing.  Thank heavens for supportive friends – they affirm my choices and truly encourage my pursuit of beauty and nature without being blind to the flaws in that pursuit.  I only wish they were geographically closer so I could hear more of them and less of the other.

My one consolation?  As soon as I get those seeds planted and the seedlings in the ground, I’ll be too busy weeding and harvesting to hear the negative talk.

To my fellow gardeners and artists: let’s encourage one another and resolve to block out negative “helpers.”

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
Remember: constant negative criticism, like water, can wear away the heart.  Feedback isn’t the problem; negatively worded feedback is. 
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