17 April 2013

La Belle's Hobby Farm: Garden and Seed Update

In my opinion, if 100% of the people were farming it would be ideal.
If each person were given one quarter-acre, that is 1 1/4 acres to a family of five,
that would be more than enough land to support the family for the whole year.
~ Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

riday I took advantage of the warm weather and finally planted my “start indoors” seeds.  The weather here in Virginia has been so weird: snow one day, eighty degrees two days later ~ I’m not too worried that my wee seeds won’t be ready for the move to the big kid playground come May.  They will be hardy transplants by then.

I bought organic biodegradable pots, so they’ll can right in the ground and some organic seed starter:

and with some plastic containers (ok not the best idea ~ no drainage holes) and some old popsicle sticks (this does not mean I condone my mom’s hoarding tendencies!), voila!

In other news, my little sugar snaps are growing up so fast!  Hooray! 

You have to understand ~ I am always late putting these babies in the ground.  It was a rush to the finish, but I did get them in early enough to enjoy the cooler spring weather.  Now we’ll just wait and see if they produce pea pods.  Even if they do not, the greens are delicious in salad.

Also, the lettuce Pearl planted also popped up:

as well as what I thought was spinach but now I’m not so sure:

Any ideas?  This is why staking the name of your crops is important: not just so you know what you’re harvesting later, but also for crop rotation.  Obviously, my garden plan was more of a garden suggestion.

In the end, it’s all good.  It’s all deliciously good.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
What seeds are sprouting up in your garden this week?

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