18 November 2013

ScoopIt: My Latest Addiction is Actually a Time Saving Tool

Reading is an addiction that I adore.
~ Vianka Van Bokkem

In November, I am continuing to participate in the Two Pages-a-Day writing challenge.  And I must have been abducted by aliens who replaced my brain with rocks, because I’m also doing NaNoWriMo for the first time.  Someone get this girl a drink!!

ecause I obviously  have an insatiable need for shiny things to distract from writing gobs of words a day, I signed up for a Scoop It account.

I call it research and the blogger’s Hail Mary.

I can’t remember who to blame for my latest addiction, but thank you from the tips of my keyboard calloused fingers. Except they aren’t calloused from typing.  My thumb, however, is crooked from clicking so many stories and articles in a row.

At least it’s not as shiny as Pinterest ~ that site is whack like crack!  ScoopIt is more like Mary Jane.  Or better yet, a quick shot of Patrón or Maker’s Mark.  When I’m on Pinterest, I’m an ADHD bunny on a sugar high with a penchant for sustainable and well-decorated houses and gardens and tablescapes that are just sick.

When I’m on ScoopIt, I’m like the Thinker, only instead of my hand being posed on my pondering brow, it’s clutched around the mouse, click-clicking thoughtfully away.

The Thinker’s Pinterest. Instead of pinning pretty-pretty pictures, you’re “publishing” articles that pertain to your areas of interest.  I am currently “curating” two areas: Writing (shocker, I know), and Relationships.  I have similar boards on Pinterest (Autenesque and How To Love Everyone), but I pin mostly quotes and yes, some articles.

But ScoopIt shows more of the entire article that I “publish” right on the board.  And when you are researching a topic for an article or blog post, ScoopIt is quite the time-saving tool.  Check it out.

And then let me know what great articles you found when you come up for air in three hours.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What new social media tool have you discovered?

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