11 December 2013

La Belle's Hobby Farm: Seed Packet Art by Ben Hatke

The art of gardening.  In this the artist who lays out the work, and devises a garment for a piece of ground, has the delight of seeing his work live and grow hour by hour; and, while it is growing, he is able to polish, to cut and carve, to fill up here and there, to hope, and to love.
~ Prince Albert

In December, I am continuing to participate in the Two Pages-a-Day writing challenge.  And trying desperately to get in the holiday mood.

‘m so excited!

My greatest accomplishment in the garden this year (besides a bumper crop of tommy toes, basil, and marigolds) was saving seeds to plant in the spring.

Of course, I gathered way more than I will ever use ~ ever see a field of marigolds?  And several friends who now have a “bit of earth” and the desire to garden, have asked for some seeds.

But I didn’t want to just give them the seeds in plastic baggies; I always forget what the seeds are when people give them to me. (Note to self: put seed gifts in jars with labels).

So I asked my friend Ben Hatke to come up with some seed packet art.  And boy did he deliver!

Image credit: Ben Hatke

Image credit: Ben Hatke

Image credit: Ben Hatke

You may recognize Ben's  name: he's the artist and master mind behind the Zita the Spacegirl books.  In which case, these beautiful watercolours will not surprise you, but they will make you smile.

What fun!  I get to support a friend and a talented artist and my friends get to enjoy organically grown seeds in a special package designed with them in mind!

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What gifts from your garden are you giving this year?

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