10 June 2014

You Fuel My Inspiration: Why Better Readers Make Better Writers

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others:
read a lot and write a lot.
~ Stephen King

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riters who read are better writers.

Well-written books and articles inspire you to hone your own writing skills; they give you something to aspire to and emulate.

Poorly written books and articles ~ besides raising your grammar hammer blood pressure ~ also teach you what to avoid.  You learn (hopefully) from others’ mistakes.

The Chorus and the Solo
So saying, did you read my post yesterday?  That post came about because I read an article.  If I hadn’t read that article on Image, I wouldn’t have been inspired to write my own take on the issue of memories and de-cluttering.

In writing, as with any art that involves words and ideas, it is the exchange that fuels my inspiration.  Many writers say I can’t write because someone has already written about the subject.  But there are as many ways to look at an issue or problem or even just a piece of beautiful art as there are people.

Image credit: Google search
We each have our own song to sing ~ sometimes we sing with the chorus, sometimes we have a solo.  But we each add a unique layer to the song itself.  A layer that no one else can contribute.  

And sometimes, the notes we sing, inspire others to compose an entirely new song.

What potential for a beautiful harmony that makes!

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

So what have you read recently that fired your imagination and got your fingers flying across the keyboard or the page?  Please share!

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