10 July 2013

La Belle's Hobby Farm: Back from Alaska!

I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.
~ Mary Anne Radmacher

r in my case, for having seen the sun shine for over eighteen hours a day.

As I’ve been awake since eight o’clock Tuesday morning, 9 July, Alaska time, I’m going to keep this post short and hopefully, sweet.  Writing while sleep deprived might elicit some interesting thoughts and reflections, but I’m not sure how trustworthy they would be at this point.

One thing is for sure: I am not the same person who left the East Coast last Wednesday.  Travel, when embarked upon for the right reasons, can (and should) be life changing, even if it is barely noticeable.  As for my journey, I learned quite a bit about myself in regards to creativity, psychology, relationships, and spirituality.  Some of the reflections and conclusions I will share with you here in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, enjoy this breathtaking view of the Alaska wilderness: 

© 2013 Mikaela D’Eigh

Now I’m off to check on my week-long neglected garden.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela


Rosanna said...

Alaska...it's on my bucket list. Someday....

Unknown said...

Rosanna ~ go as soon as you can! It is an amazing place! :)