26 July 2013

Top Five Friday: Fountain Pens: Stop and Smell the Ink

Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them. 
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

ive days left in the 31 Days of Letters challenge.

Between vacation, traveling, getting sick, and being tired all the time, I didn’t write the full 31 letters.  But I did more than I normally do in a month.  And rediscovered my deep love of writing, cursive, stationary, and most of all: fountain pens.

Speaking of fountain pens, yesterday I cast caution to the wind, joined the dark side, crossed over ~ to Pintrest.  I was warned it was additive, and no lie ~ I was pinning like a crazy person at a kid’s birthday party (Get it? Got it?  Good.)  Now I have a boatload of “boards” among them, one devoted to all things writerly.  In my feverish scans, I found that I am not alone in my dep abiding passion of fountain pens.  And that’s good to know.  Because it means that the art of beautiful writing is not entirely lost.

Here are the five boards I found whilst trolling around my latest time-hoover:

I love the mix of vintage and modern.  Some of the pens cost as much as $4,000.  I love me some pen and ink, but not that much!!

More beautiful pens.

Love the pictures of course, but also liked the video of how to write with a fountain pen.  They aren’t meant to be used like a regular pen.

Nope, it’s a different board from the one below.  And it has more great pictures of pens! 

Love antique inkwells!  I have a couple, plus a brass holder.  Would love to find the glass bottles to go in it.

There was even a board called Fountain Pen Addiction ~ but she only had a few “pins”, and that didn’t sound addicted enough for me.  I mean, if you are truly addicted, you’d have at least twenty or forty pictures of pens, right?

You can also follow me and find pictures of pens repined on my Austenesque board ~ along with pictures of writing spaces.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
What do you prefer to write with?  Pen, pencil, marker?

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