17 November 2005

At Peace with the Precipice

Wherever a man may happen to turn,
whatever a man may undertake,
he will always end up by returning to the path
which nature has marked out for him.
~ Goethe

Last night was....powerful. Incredible. Sweet and liberating. John Jennings is a talented songwriter and a funny and approachable person. Humble, sweet and open. Neophyte though I am when it comes to being in the studio and playing in front of a crowd of strangers, I felt like I was at home among all the songwriters who were there. It felt good to raise my hand with them when asked who in the audience were actual songwriters.

As I told John when I spoke with him after the workshop, I have been writing music since God was a boy. :-) Mostly wretched pieces that no one will ever hear (thank goodness!) But as I have said before, I must write ~ I have no choice. I told him this and he said that it was a good sign. And he gave me his address so that I can send him my CD once it is recorded to get his critique. After so many years of treating my own music either like it was nothing, or a precious child that could no wrong, it is time to let it out on its own and speak for itself. As John said, "let the song do the work."

Sullivan went with me and we both talked about it incessantly on the metro ride back. We were both encouraged and inspired ~ he to write more poetry (as words are his music) and I to continue to compose.

"You are leading over such precipices that, when I look at them, I am filled with fright, but at the same time I am at peace."

Taking a deep breath, I am at last ready to make the jump and return to the path that has been marked out for me from the beginning. This is my gift and my destiny. May He who planted the seed bring it to fruition.

Oremus pro invicem,
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