28 November 2005

Moments of Thanksgiving

The happiest moments of my life
have been the few which I have passed
at home in the bosom of my family.
~Thomas Jefferson

Alas! No Thanksgiving culinary adventures to wax eloquent about. The family opted to go out for dinner this year. It was a lovely, relaxing four-day weekend nonetheless for we were together. And that is what is truly important, is it not? To be together, no matter where “there” is. At the very least, one must be thankful that one has a family to go home to. There are so many who do not have anyone at all.

Each time I return to visit, it is a little more difficult to leave. I cannot complain ~ the Muse has been very good to me here in the suburbs of D.C. But there is nothing quite like endless rolling hills, open fields and the sound of cows lowing softly close by for inspiring her. And I made a discovery ~ there are more stars in the country night sky than there are in the city. And the night sky itself is a richer, deeper shade of bluish black.

As far as the Muse is concerned, she liked her jaunt into the country very much and handed me two verses of a new song. It came to me as I was running my fingers randomly across the keys. What emerged was the sound of a clock bonging the hour. Quite effective, if I do say so! ;) We shall see where it goes.

I pray that your Thanksgiving weekend was also relaxing and healing.

Oremus pro invicem,
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