02 November 2005

Breaking the Shell

The shell must break before the bird can fly.
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

This morning was absolutely gorgeous! A real autumn day ~ crisp, with a slight chill, a drop of sunshine and just windy enough to rustle the leaves. I love Autumn!

Yesterday, I alluded to the fact that I struggle with Fear. It is a battle I think most of us face. Fear is a tough enemy and it takes many battles and many defeats before one can really know oneself and the enemy.

But what kind of life is that which is lived in fear? To cower in shadows; to whimper in anxiety; to crawl in despair and defeat ~ these are not the actions of a life well-lived. We were created to walk upright ~ straight and tall! Looking our defeats and challenges dead in the eye and give it our best.

Finally, I am breaking out of the shell of fear that for years I mistakenly thought protected me from the cruel and unforgiving outside world. And it did to some extent. That is the way of all things under his dominion - enough truth to snag you and then the trap snaps shut on your heart. One thing you learn along the journey is that defense tactics may numb you to the pain, but over time, they also numb you to joy and ectasy.

I have decided that the joy and rapture I experience outweighs the pain and suffering I must sometimes endure. That is part of being alive. And I thank God for this great gift.

Oremus pro invicem,
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