03 April 2014

C is for Camping: A Crash Course in Wilderness Prep

At some level, “this might not work” is at the heart of all important projects, of everything new and worth doing. And it can paralyze us into inaction, into watering down our art and into failing to ship.
~ Seth Godin,
Out on a Limb

Back in January, I began the One Page a Day Challenge and immediately threw away my quill.  Now in April, I’m participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge and prepping for a Wilderness Writers’ Retreat.  I need ink, a stiff drink and therapy.

hird day of not showering.  Honestly, I am not as grossed out as I thought I’d be.

Granted, it’s not like I just plowed and planted two acres of land, and am now sitting here caked in mud and sweat.

But I confess to a tiny bit of smugness.

My co-workers never noticed ~ and believe me, my cube mate is the kind of person who would have said something, and loudly ~ so I took this as a good sign. 

A sign that my latest brainstorm might actually work.

C is for a Crash Course
A prepper is someone who prepares for the worst.  Usually they focus on the end of the world, Armageddon, a zombie apocalypse.

I’m just prepping to be able to stand seven days on Kodiak Island without indoor plumbing, running water, and a hand-held Kohler rain forest shower head.

So far my idea of prepping has been showering without changing the house filter.  This means that the water comes out as if the shower head has five kidney stones the size of golf balls lodged in the pipes.

I am such a nerd.

While standing at a NYC stage door last weekend waiting for Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, I reveled in the buckets of cold, icy rain that Mother Nature dumped all over me.  For over an hour.  I told my friend ~ “I’m prepping.  There’ll be more spray on an Alaskan fishing boat!”

I am so doomed.

C is for Camping – Au Natural
But as I mentioned, I love nature.  Up close and personal ~ not under glass.  I want to touch it, smell it, listen to its ancient pulse, revel in its wildness.  But such love requires total commitment.  Sacrifice.  Passion.  Devotion.  Dedication.

Such love requires ~ camping. 
Grizzly Bear Camp, Glenallen, Alaska

Image Credit: Mat Hayward 

A dear friend who is actually from Alaska took pity on me, and much excited for my upcoming adventures, agreed to be my camping coach.  This is good, especially since my one experience camping was traumatizing.  It involved pulled muscles, aching backs, a mosquito swarm, and damp, moldy beds.

Did I mention my idea of roughing it is….? Yeah.

But that was years ago, and now I can’t wait to begin the sleeping bag side of my Wilderness Writing Prep.  So I told my friend that when we go camping, it’s strictly a no shower weekend.

After all, I have already proven I can go three days without needing to be upwind of myself.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

Would you like to help me get to Kodiak Island this summer and join me virtually?  Please donate!

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