31 August 2012

Top Five Friday: Hereeeeee's Tommy Toes!

Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity.
~ Tom Robbins

ll this talk of tomatoes is making me hungry.  What’s that? 


We weren’t talking about tomatoes?  Well, I sure have been thinking about them!  Between pulling up weeds from around them, to falling on my acreage in front of them, to picking my very first one.  And still the majority haven’t ripened yet!


Well, I’m sure you have been gathering your harvest up every week ~ if not from your backyard, then hopefully from your local farmers’ market.  And since summer is fast drawing to a close (where the heck did it go!?), I thought you might like to add some new recipes starring your favorite tommy toes. 

Tommy is coming along nicely.  If only he'd turn red!
Photo copyright M. D'Eigh

The best tomato sandwich will always be two slices of toasted white bread, one slice of cheese, a huge dollop of mayo, and a fat slice of tomato.  It screams sum-sum-summertime.  Now I use gluten free bread, Daiya “cheese”, mustard, and a fat slice of tomato.  And I still feel the summer wind, come blowin’ in, across the sea…

Sorry, got carried away by a memory. Where was I?

Oh yes!  This recipe is the humble tomato sandwich taken to Texas heights.  You can still use gluten-free bread ~ I won’t tell anyone.

I love this woman.  She makes raw simply “raw-some.”  And makes this foodie feel right at home.  While I may miss many things when I try to live an 80% raw lifestyle, I don’t miss taste.  And this soup is just what the weather man ordered for a hot day.

Plus, I get to trim my basil trees.

My first ripe tomato!  Well, almost...

Pasta can be so heavy, especially when it’s hot outside.  You just want to take a long nap afterwards.  How do the Italians do it!?  Wait.  They take a long nap afterwards.  Ahhhhh!

Anyhoo, this “pasta” is a veggie, so no food como side effects.  Heavenly with a light white wine.

This one is a keeper for gluten addicts.  The recipe doesn’t include it, but I’ve found that frozen puff pastry is too young to leave it out on its own – layer it with butter or better yet, lard.  Otherwise, it gets dry and cranky and rebellious.

Summer isn’t complete without at least one fresh-made Bloody Mary.  I like mine without a whole lot of hot sauce.  

 Sigh.  There's always fried green tomatoes....

One thing only I ask of you – do not put canned tomato juice in this one.  Juice your own.  So much better. Look Mom! No MSG or toxins in my blood! Yay!

Y’all be safe out there this holiday weekend.  Enjoy the last long weekend of summer!  

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What are your favorite tomato recipes?  And what are your favorite varieties?

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