15 May 2013

La Belle's Hobby Farm: A Moment of Mourning and There's Still Time to Plant!

Farming is a profession of hope.
~ Brian Brett

moment of silence for the seeds that never sprouted.

Not sure why this batch didn’t make it.  But time to start over.  Good thing the weather has been manic (37 one night, 80 the next day) ~ that means that I have still have time to sprout some tomatoes and still get them in the ground before Father’s Day.

Since it was so warm last Saturday, I decided to plant more direct sow seeds: zinnias, purple echinacea, lacinato kale, and two types of basil ~ sacred and Genovese.  So the garden looks like this:

I haven’t planted the cucumbers yet because I’m afraid we might still get a frost.  But the plan is to plant the remaining seeds Memorial Day weekend.  I’m hosting a Garden Party that weekend; the guests will actually get their hands (and knees) dirty.

Enjoy the pictorial update!


Marigolds; some re-seeded themselves; I planted the rest

Mystery greens; I do think this is spinach

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

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