03 May 2013

Top Five Friday Repost: A Derby of a Day

Everything that’s old is new again. . . 
~ Stephanie Mills

omorrow is a Kentuckian’s favorite day.  And although I am not from the land of blue grass and jockeys, I must confess to loving large hats, triple-strength mint juleps, and nattily dressed men.

As I am rushing off to buy shoes to go with my muted coral dress and taupe hat, I give you last year’s Kentucky Derby Day post to enjoy all over again.

One of these years I will make it to a Derby party dressed like Audrey’s Eliza.  Any costume designer out there willing to give it a go?

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
I was traveling last Friday so didn’t get to talk more about my favorite poets and poems.  Will try to do that next week.  Have a beautiful and safe weekend dear readers!

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