21 May 2012

The Silence between Words: Writing Haiku

It is the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality by creating silences around things. 
~ Stephen Mallarme

ondays in May are theme days for Blogathoners and today’s theme is to write and post a haiku.  Last year, I posted a little bit about what a haiku is and posted one that was 5-6-5.  Traditionally, it follows a 5-7-5 syllables per line pattern, which this year's haiku follows.   Enjoy!

Plump petals quiver -
The thunder was long and loud.
Sorrow slips down, slow.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

Try your hand at haiku and post either it or a link to it in the comments! 
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