18 May 2012

Top Five Friday: Blogathon Posts of the Week!

When we need to fall back in love with words, we must return to the page.
~ Dona Bumgarner

here were a couple of themes going around this week at the Blogathon: Monday was guest post exchange day and there was an unofficial Second Act challenge.  There were posts that made me laugh out loud, posts that made me cry in empathy, and posts that inspired me to be a better person and a better writer.  My fellow Blogathoners are so talented!  It was tough to choose just five!

“Return to the page.”  Dona Bumgarner made it to my top five twice, once here as a guest post.  In this post on Page Lines, she uses meditation practice as the foundation for developing a writing habit.  Concentrate on your breathing.  When you become distracted, return to your breathing.  And for writers, writing is breathing. 

Favorite thing: That one paragraph on returning to the page ~ meditative and melodious.  Just reading it out loud is like a mantra.  Definitely going to print it out and tape it to my computer and in my journal!

I “met” Tia Bach during last year’s Blogathon.  A beautiful mother and daughter writing team with the best looking blog I have seen so far!

As You Grow is a mother’s reflection on the wishes Tia has for her daughter on her 12th birthday.   Beautiful advice that isn’t overly sentimental or unattainable.  All mothers would do well to read this post and write down their (unconditional!) wishes for their children. 

Favorite thing: We single ladies should especially read her first paragraph on love: it’s never too late!

Depression Cookies makes it onto today’s list for a second time, this time with a guest post from Blogathoner KateMegill.  She is the mother of four daughters and shares some lovely things she did as a mom to make sure that her daughters knew they were loved and accepted.  If only more moms were like Kate!

Favorite thing: “I’ve tried to find out how they communicate best and encourage that” and “I’ve tried to show a loving relationship with their dad.” These two things are sorely missing in our families and relationships today.  Kate, you’re my heroine!

The last three bloggers  on my list today all took the Second Act Challenge: writing about how you changed your life after 40.

Dona Bumgarner is on my list a second time for her post on her own blog, Abergine.  She took the Second Act challenge and wrote about quitting her stable job and becoming a writer and mom in the “second act” of her life. 

It takes a lot of courage, passion, and faith to step out of your comfort zone and begin again.  But Dona’s writing shows she made the right choice.  I’m looking forward to reading more as she grows into her new role!

Favorite thing: her financial planner saying “I give you permission to rest for awhile.”  How powerful!  And how freeing!

Nancy  J. Kopp made my Top Five last Friday and makes it again this week for this great Second Act post.  I am always amazed to hear about artists (no matter what their medium) who take up the brush, violin, pen, or potter’s wheel for the first time after the age of 45.  We always think it’s too late to follow our dreams, to live our passions.  But that simply isn’t true.  It is never too late and I am a firm believer in things happening when they happen for a reason.

Nancy got a lot of life experience under her belt and then returned to her first love: writing.  And her life experience brought a richer, more textured dimension to her writing.

Favorite thing: she took a correspondence course on writing and that’s what sparked her second act.

Victoria Musgrave also took the Second Act challenge and her story is so inspiring it’s frightening.  Imagine working your way up the corporate communications ladder, sitting in an office with a window (something we cube dwellers long for!) pulling in a nice salary, and then chucking it all. . . .to write your memoir. 

You might as well tell me to walk off a cliff trusting that somehow you’ll sprout wings on the way down!  But she did it.  And she

Favorite thing: I left my job and gained the time and freedom to be my fully creative self.”

My inspiration this week from all these ladies:

What have you got to lose?
Risk it
Let it Go
It’s Never Too Late

I am so honored to be a part of such a wonderfully inspiring bunch of writers and bloggers!  Thanks for inspiring my week ~ and my writing!

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What inspired you about these posts?  What changes are you going to make because of their example?
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