24 May 2012

Why I'm Taking a Course on Blogging from Freddy Krueger

A word is not the same with one writer as with another. 
One tears it from his guts. 
The other pulls it out of his overcoat pocket. 
~ Charles Peguy

 esterday I talked about what I would do differently if I were starting my blog today.  Today, I attended a blogging webinar that provided more answers to that question – answer that will I hope will prove fruitful for my readers in the coming weeks.

Curiosity and perfectionism ~ both can get you into trouble.  But if you turn that negative energy in a positive direction, it can boost you to places you never thought possible.  I am always eager to learn about new things or ideas, or more about ones I may already know something about.  I consider myself a fairly good writer.  But I could always improve my blogging skills.

I am a “follower” of Mary Jaksch and the A-List Blogger Club, and love all their articles.  So when she sent the notice about the "Faster, Easier Blog Writing" free webinar, I thought, “Why not? Here’s another chance to learn something new!”

I keep wanting to call him Freddy, because that’s his nickname: the Freddy Krueger of bloggers.  Pretty crazy, huh?  But Danny Iny is amazing!  The webinar was super fast, but that was perfect for me as I was at work and on a tight schedule.  Yet he was easy to understand, joked around enough to make his listeners feel at ease, and (most important) shared great tips and pointers and the process he used to become a world-class blogger.

Now What?
The webinar was great and I learned a lot of things that I am already putting into practice.  Even
Thought it’s over, it was recorded and will be up on WriteLikeFreddy in the next few days.

But I wanted more.

One of the things Danny said was that if you wanted to go deeper and really be a professional writer so that you can give your readers the best you can, then at some point, you will want to take some training courses. And Danny offers one that is web-based (so I can watch the videos and do the exercises when I have time) and he personally answers every single email.

That last really got my attention. 

Every single email!?  Yes, I tested it out, and he really does answer your emails! Then I also read that he works one on one with his students on their blogs (design, content, etc.)

The Program
That’s when I decided to sign up for his online class/mentoring program.  For a really low price (the reasonable price was the final point that got me to sign up – most of these online programs cost waaay more and don’t always deliver), I have online classes I can take at my own pace, a really great mentor who is industry savvy and gets proven results and will take the time to help me become a better writer and in turn, a better blogger.  I am really looking forward this course! 

There will be some changes ahead – good ones – and I hope you will benefit from my learning as much as I will!

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
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