16 September 2013

There Are Days Your Life Is a Soap Opera...And You Want to Scream: Cut!

You can’t save others from themselves because those who make a perpetual muddle of their lives don’t appreciate your interfering with the drama they’ve created.
They want your poor-sweet-baby sympathy, but they don’t want to change.
~ Sue Grafton, T is for Trespass

In September, I’m participating in the Sapphire Even Day Blogging Challenge and the Two Pages-A-Day Writing Challenge. 

here are days when you wish your life resembled a fictional show or book.  Who wouldn’t want to be living at 221 A Baker street?  The neighbors are hot, the plotlines are always fresh  ~ and those are just the writers!

And then are those days where your life does resemble a fictional show: but it’s the one that got cancelled after the first season because it was so bad not even Mike Nelson and his crew could MST their way through it.

Except for Firefly~ Firefly was awesome; that shouldn’t have been cancelled after just one season.

In college, my friends would always roll our eyes and complain that our lives were like a soap opera.  Which is true because when you’re in your twenties, the hormonal and chemical balances are still crazy-ass and the brain doesn’t finish fully developing until your twenty-six.

Explains a lot of my college career.

And I’m not one for statistics, but the percentage of dysfunctional families has got to be pretty high ~ even accounting for the fact that the dysfunction is on a continuum.  Maybe that’s why fictional depictions of families that are almost unbelievable dysfunctional are so popular: at least your family is that bad!

And I bet you’ve already figured out what today’s prompt is because you are AWESOME!

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I can’t think of any shows that resemble the dysfunctional paradise I call home.  And since I’m still cramming my noggin full of paranormal fantasy stories, I can’t point to any books that look like my life.  Although, if I ever meet a werewolf or a vampire and live to tell the tale, I’ll option the movie rights. 

Because that is seriously hot.

I can tell you that there are some characters on shows I can’t watch because they hit a little too close to home.  But I won’t tell you because those characters hit a little too close to home.  Know what I mean?

I will say this however: I love Flannery O’Conner and I think she and I would have much to talk about over a glass of sweet tea and a plate of fried chicken.
Image Credit: Mama's Family

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

Do tell: does YOUR life ever resemble the set of a soap opera or TV show?

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Being A Wordsmith said...

Yes, a movie with you and a vampire or you and a werewolf would be seriously hot. A movie with both would be even hotter! Thank you for linking up, Mikaela.