01 September 2013

Two Pages-A-Day Writing Challenge Day 1: Setting SMART Goals

The desire to do something because you find it deeply satisfying and personally challenging inspires the highest levels of creativity, whether it's in the arts, sciences, or business.
~ Teresa Amabile

In September, I’m participating in the Sapphire Even Day Blogging Challenge and the Two Pages-A-Day Writing Challenge. 

oals are meant to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.  As I begin this journey of 122 days of writing, I have no theme or topic I want to write about. 

Strike one.

No worries.  Today’s writing exercise will be to follow the five steps of goal setting to figure out what I want the end product to look like in December.

Specific – Details, Details, Details!
My general goal is become a better writer, and to have a publishable work in 122 days.  Sounds crazy, but writers have written entire novels in 30 days; I have 92 extra days to get it right. 

The question is ~ what do I want to write about?

I love people and figuring out what makes them tick.  That could mean writing about relationships, emotional healing, psychological disorders.  Although I’m not a trained psychologist, I could offer my personal experience.  I could even co-author with a psychologist.  They would provide the scientific background, I would provide the poetic prose.

Or I could write a book of meditations.  That only requires an open heart, a spiritual outlook, and a poetic soul.  Check, check, and check.


Measurable – Quantitative, Not Vague!
This is built in ~ two pages a day.  Of course, there’s no limit.  I could write ten pages if the mood strikes me.  But regardless, I have to write two pages minimum.  And we are talking writing, not editing.  I have a kitchen timer, so I may try setting it for an hour today and seeing how far that gets me.  I’ll adjust accordingly. 

Attainable – Challenge Brings About Growth!
Two pages a day is definitely attainable.  I have two blogging challenges under my belt and that was writing a post every day for thirty days.  Granted, the posts may not have been two pages long.  But as I’ve said before, the act of writing begets writing.

Realistic – What Are You Willing to Work Toward?
This relates back to the Specific question: what is my topic going to be?  Is it realistic for me to write about relationships?  Or to write artistic meditations?

Timely – Save the Date!
This is already set for me ~ December 31, 2013.  Done and done.

Now it’s time to put my thinking/writing chapeau on and get those two pages written!

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

Have you ever followed the SMART plan to attain your goals?  Did it work?

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