03 September 2013

Two Pages-a-Day Update: Day 3

... I am with fire between my teeth and still nothing but my blank page.
~ Monique Wittig

In September, I’m participating in the Sapphire Even Day Blogging Challenge and the Two Pages-A-Day Writing Challenge. 

ven though I’m not required to post on the odd days of September, I thought it only fair that I update y’all on my two pages-a-day challenge on those days.  Since you’re such huge fans of my awesome writing and all that.

Let the eye rolling begin!

Okay, really it’s because I need to make myself accountable and although there’s a great Facebook page/community doing this challenge, you my dears, are the reason I keep coming back here, pounding on the keys until my fingers bleed, my eye are crossed from staring at the screen, and I’ve consumed five Shadowhunters-worth of caffeine and carbs.

This is me with writer's block
Image Credit: Umm, I have no idea.  A co-worker sent it to me.
Just kidding about the blood on the keyboard and the eye thing.

But all true about the coffee and carbs.  And what I said about you!  If it were all about me, I would just pour out all my angst in my journal and let you read it once I’m dead, buried, forgotten, and can’t haunt anyone for rejecting my writing.  As it is, the blogger/writerly/readerly community here that is willing to listen to me, and give me a shout out now and then, reminds me why I write: to touch and encourage hearts.

Time to Confess Because I’m Already Doing Penance
So who caught the Mortal Instruments reference?  Do I sound anything like Jace today?  That’s because I decided to read the first book, City of Bones, since I want to see the movie.  I was so impressed with Cassandra Clare’s writing style (and no poor grammar/spelling/misuse of vocabulary – yay!) that I spent the entire holiday weekend reading the rest of the series.   I’m more than half way through Book 5 and was exceedingly upset to find out that there will be a Book 6 and it won’t be out until May 2014.  But that’s actually good news.

Maybe that means I’ll actually write something!  Say, I don’t know ~ two pages a day?

Yes.  You heard right: I spent the weekend reading.  Not writing.  This is why having to post every day is a good thing: it forces me to write.  However, this challenge is flexible ~ if we miss a day, we just make up the pages the next day.  So my penance has been to write six pages today: the two I missed on Sunday plus the two I missed on Monday plus the two that are due today.

Flexible, yet tough.

The Numbers
So where do things stand as of six o’clock today?

Pages:                4 (+ one paragraph on page 5)
Word Count:     2,216
Topic:                None

Not bad for a slacker.  I mean avid reader.  Except for the no-topic thing.  But as I say often, writing begets writing.  And I do have four pages of random angst.  Hmmmm.

Maybe that means I’ll have a YA novel by January.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

What did you do for Labor Day weekend?  Did you slack off…I mean, relax?

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