11 June 2013

Recycling: Where Stories Come From

Something unfathomable lies behind every thought...
something for which there aren't any words.
~ Peter Weiss, The Tower

here are never enough hours in the day.  Especially if you are a writer with a day job. Usually my day job hours are manageable; I can schedule time to write or journal either in the early morning, during lunch or just before I get on the train.

But as sometimes happens, a fire erupts, and I’m one of a team of three that is tasked to put it out.

So today, you get a recycled post!  The topic I was going to write about needs more research and more brain power than I currently have access to.

So enjoy this oldie but goodie from the 2011 Blogathon: Where Stories Come From.

And now to catch that train!

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
Who know?  Maybe I’ll pick up some story-worthy conversations or observations on the commute home!



Annette Gendler said...

Hi Mikaela - just wanted to say hi, nice to encounter you again as participating in the Blogathon!

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting, Annette! Godo to see you here again!