09 June 2013

The La Belle Daybook: The Write Opportunity

One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it. 
~ Sidney Howard

ometimes it’s just good to put things down in black and white.

It can be humbling: Do I really think like that?!

It can be an A-ha! Experience: That doesn’t sound right.  Let’s try this instead…

It can hold us accountable to others: I said I would get that to you by Monday?  Oops…

And accountable to ourselves: If I’m ever going to buy a house, I need to map out a budget now!

When I first started writing these Daybook posts, I saw them more as a public To Do List, dull to mildly interesting; a way to fill my little corner of empty cyber space; a no-brainer way to make sure I blog for all thirty days of the Blogathon.

But now that I have been writing and posting eight days in a row, I realize that the Daybook is an opportunity to re-center myself and make sure my goals for the week (writing and otherwise) are on track.

And of course, writing begets writing. So it’s another chance to work the writing muscle.

Outside my window...a beautiful day.  That Andrea chick was really annoying Friday and Saturday ~ I thought for sure my tommy toe plants were going to drown!  Now maybe they can dry out a little.

I am thinking...about my friend Petey, who just lost her husband.  They were so made for each other; it’s difficult to realize he won’t be there next time I visit her and the babies.

My desk
I am thankful...for my hands.  Specifically my fingers.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to write, especially personal letters.

In the kitchen...is a pan of maple sausage gravy (I told you I was vegan except for the meat!) and gluten-free sour cherry tarts.  Wow, did they turn out fabulous!  (Actually, they were so good, there’s only one left.)

I am wearing...a sweater.  Again, this Andrea chick!  Although I shouldn’t complain; cool temps in June in Virginia is a nice break.

I am creating...notecards.  I’ll share pictures once I finish.

I am going...going, gone! (Ha!)

I am wondering...why I say yes to creative projects when I really want to say no.  They usually turn out great, but I end up overwhelmed, worn out, and drained.  Need to work on that.

I am reading...The Nature Principle by Richard Louv and Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout

I am hoping...to  help a friend plant her garden this coming Saturday.  I love spreading the green love around!

I am looking forward to...the Gatsby Dance on June 22!

I am learning…as I go.

Around the house...are piles of hats and hat boxes.  Time to organize ~ there are more coming this week!

I am pondering...what to say to a certain someone this week.

A favorite quote for today...see above.

One of my favorite things...are rainy days with no set plans. Guess I got my wish!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1. Write in my journal at least 3 days
2. Finish up to Chapter 3 in Man’s Search for Meaning
3. Stake my tomatoes and cucumbers plants

A peek into a typical day...document drafting and document editing.  And if I’m lucky, my friend Diane will be eating fried chicken on the train ride home.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
What do you use your Daybook for?

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