01 June 2013

Blogathon Day One: Welcome New Friends (or, What In the World Do I Write About?!)

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.
~ L.M. Montgomery

ere in Virginia, it always being June would be horrendous.  Not that I mind the rate my garden is bustin’ out all over, but the humidity!  Well, that I could do without, thank you very much!  Having said that. . .

To all the newbie Blogathoners who have graced my blog with their readerly eyeballs: Welcome!!  Here at La Belle you will find a little bit of everything ~ gardening, poetry, painting, writing, reading, fine food, and even the occasional rant ~ usually about organic and sustainable living and eating.

But it all comes back to beauty and art.

Gardening combines the art of hospitality, design, and cultivation.  Poetry is the art of language and mystery.  Painting, the art of colour, light, and passion.  Writing is the art of story-telling, self-examination, and the finely turned phrase or exquisite analogy.  Fine food, well, that’s a culinary art.  And ranting?  But of course, the art of rhetoric.
But if I could put them all under one heading it would be the Art of Hospitality.  Because all these things, when approached with passion and skill, have the power to touch hearts, open minds, and make just about anyone feel welcome.

It is my hope that you will always feel welcome here at La Belle.  The door is always open, and the kettle is always on.

I cannot wait to meet y’all!

Oremus pro invicem,

~ Mikaela

What makes you feel welcome?  A smile?  A hug?  A place set for you at the table?  Please share your thoughts here!


bookworm said...

Chocolate. Chocolate will make me return, complete with my readerly eyeballs. Glad you are Blogathoning this year.

Maria Northcutt said...

Wow! You are certainly an interesting Lady! I just found your blog via blogathon, looking forward to follow you in the future!


Marial Shea said...

Mikaela, I love how you've connected all these delights under the umbrella of the art of hospitality. Many times I've thought about how much I value helping people to feel welcome--and how much I appreciate it when people extend a warm welcome to me, even if it's just inviting me to share their park bench. Just a kind smile or friendly nod is enough sometimes. So thanks for your welcoming blog post!

Nancy Thompson said...

Hi there! I just popped over from the blogathon. What a charming post and a warm welcome to your blog. A life well lived is a true work of art.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this blogathon and I'm looking forward to savoring the hospitality at La Belle. A book, fine art, poetry, lovely plants and a cup of tea make me feel welcome.

Happy blogging!

Unknown said...

Ladies ~ welcome to La Belle! Thanks so much for casting thine eyeballs on my page and leaving a note! What kind of tea will you take?

Alana, lol – chocolate is indeed a welcoming food. ;) Welcome back to the Blogathon!

Marial, welcome aboard! Loved your June 1 post; you are in great company with bloggers who don’t always blog when they should (said with head hung in shame). Now’s our chance to stretch those writing muscles and let the games begin!

Maria N., your rancher blog is lovely and I look forward to hearing more about you, your family,you’re your thoughts on child development; I left a comment on your June 1 post.

Nancy, welcome to the Blogathon and good luck on your backpacking/rollie adventures!

Maria S., welcome back! I look forward to your encouraging words on writing. Picking up my pen and journaling later this morning!