14 June 2013

Top Five Friday: Writerly Blogs of the Blogathon

A word is not the same with one writer as with another. 
One tears it from his guts. 
The other pulls it out of his overcoat pocket. 
~ Charles Peguy

hree of this week’s Top Five Blogathoners write about writing.  The other two are just blow-me-away writers.  You know, the kind where you read their work and say, “Gah!  I wish I could write like that!”

This time, I also highlighted what specifically drew me to their blogs.  They all followed one of the rules of bloggins: pick a striking and memorable name (and web address) for your blog (wish someone had told me that when I first started! Blah!) and almost all of them make it easy to find info on their home pages. 

Be Your Own Book Doctor – Striking Title/Useful Info
Jennifer Lawler’s blog name drew me in immediately: I knew it had to do with books and writing, but what in the world does doctoring have to do with it?!  Turns out, if you have a question about writing/publishing/selling your book, Jennifer can walk you through it. 

Of special interest ~ her post on collaboration, since I have a friend who is a brilliant therapist but who has neither the time nor the talent to write a book.

Depression Cookies  - Beautiful Site / Easy to Read Layout
Published author Tia Bach is one of my favorite bloggers and I’ve mentioned her before.  When I first came across her blog, I was struck by the layout and individualized design.  Not to mention she’s a fabulous writer ~ her posts are always a joy to read!

Something new ~ wigflips (who knew?) and her idea to have a character from one her books guest post.  Now that’s clever!

Fickle Fantasy – Beautiful Pic/Every day Writing Prompts

So far in my blog crawl of the Blogathoners, Leah MacDonald’s blog has the most striking cover picture.  I’m a bit of a tree hugger (if you didn’t already get that) and I simply adore mountains.  So I instantly wanted to know more.

Favorite post ~ Time Well Spent.  She was open to the hum of life going on around her and from one overheard conversation came not just a blog post, but a reflection on her own life.

Memories on Cassette  -  Artsy Content / Quotes
Another intriguing title that drew me in.  And the subtitle was just as mysterious ~ Thoughts that Hang on Trees.  What kept me there (despite the non-linear layout) were the quotes (I love quotes as much as I love trees) and the artsy thoughts that Denver Pittman posts.

Swoon worthy poetry ~ read Re(a)d part II.  Gah, I love words.  And the non-linear layout grew on me as I got lost in the play of words and images.
No. 2 Pen  -  Concise Layout / Great Content
Sara Lancaster is another Blogathoner that I’ve highlighted before.  I became an email subscriber as soon as I found her because she always has super useful tips and prompts for writers.

Best thing ~ Sara gathers up a list of writing prompts for every month and posts them at least 2 weeks before the start of the new month.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
What struck you about these blogs?  Learn anything new?
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