17 June 2013

Frigid: The First Three Chapters Released (plus a pre-order surprise!)

A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. 
~ Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades

et Jennifer Armentrout makes it look effortless.

Author of the popular Covenant and Lux Series (for which she just published the NA stand alone novel, Obsession), Ms. Armentrout just announced that her second NA novel, Frigid, (written under her pen name, J. Lynn) will now release a full two weeks early on July 15 as an e-book. . .if enough people pre-order the e-book.

E-readers, rejoice!  And pre-order!! Barnes & Noble / Amazon  If only so I can read this book.

But I can’t wait until July!
Wow ~ impatient much?  Yeah, me too!  Ah, Jennifer knows her fans well.  Below are the first three chapters.

Frigid Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes
I confess.  I’m not immune to a good looking guy (I clapped when Benedict Cumberbatch made his first appearance in the new Star Trek movie.  Yeah, that was me.)  So, enjoy more Frigid scenes!

Oh, I Wish I Lived in Philly
Because in November, not only will Jennifer be there signing Frigid, she’ll also be signing the last book in the Covenant Series, Sentinel AND she’ll be joined by Adam, the cover model for Frigid.  Not only that, you have a chance to win dinner with both of them (I’d be a terrible dinner guest, I’d want to talk writerly shop all night)!

So, pre-order, read, watch, come to Philly.

Now, if only I could unlock her secret for writing such effortlessly readable stories.

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela
Did you pre-order yet?
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