01 August 2013

Walls Are Made for Climbing: Why I Joined Another Blogging Challenge

Challenges in life always seek leaders and leaders seek challenges.
~ Wayde Goodall, Why Great Men Fall: 15 Winning Strategies to Rise Above It All

tructures and boundaries are essential to the creative soul. Otherwise, there is no incentive to break those boundaries and push through to greatness. 

Or at least to produce a well-written post or poem now and then.

And since the last blog challenge I participated in really inked my pen, I joined Blogher’s August Challenge.  So now I'm locked in to 31 days of non-stop writing.  Well, with a little writerly angst thrown in, I’m sure.  What would a blog challenge be without some days of ink-stained knuckled writer’s block?

Image Credit: Mystic M
Generally, however, the act of writing every day ~ no matter how bad it might turn out ~ unleashes a torrent of ideas and words ~ and yes, even whole posts!  My issue is never lack of ideas, but rather, how to shape and mold the ideas I have into readable, heart-stopping, passion-inducing posts. 

My inner perfectionist is never satisfied, and sometimes that’s a good thing.  Some people just slop any old words down, and the eye and the brain quickly yawn and turn away, never to return.  But it has also bitten me in the fountain pen: if something is deemed unworthy to publish, it languishes in a dark corner of my flash drive.  And then all apathy breaks loose and I cease writing anything.

This blog challenge will help stop that madness.  I will be forced to write and post ~ my writerly pride is on the line!  And to be perfectly honest, if I don't write ~ something, anything ~ my brain gets as jumpy as a junkie in between fixes.  So here’s to 31 days of blogging bliss!

Who knows what inky gems may drip from my pen in the next 30 days?

Oremus pro invicem,
~ Mikaela

You still have time to sign up!  Do so through August 5 and join the mad, mad fun!

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